Virtual Corporate Yoga Classes

Connect your teams with a virtual class and improve their physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. Taking care of ourselves has never been so important and yoga can help to keep your teams motivated, engaged, and productive through times when we are working remotely. Encouraging healthy breaks, with a regular yoga practice, and cultivating a mindful culture can reduce stress and absenteeism.  With a background in hospitality management and the fact I continue to consult and build IT systems, I understand how yoga can aid the pressures of corporate life.  


Whether you are looking for a one-off class or to add yoga to your corporate wellness program, please get in touch so I can suggest some ways yoga could support your objectives.

Person doing Goddess pose


Person doing alternate nostril breathing, sat cross legged.


Person Meditating


person sat cross legged doing cow face arms


"At a time when my team was feeling a little burnt out, tired and isolated from each other we had a team yoga session with Tracy.  This formed an important part of our well being week and every one of us benefitted, feeling calm and refreshed after.  I think team mindfulness plays an ever-important part in making sure we are both physically and mentally well." 

Louise - Punch Creative

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