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 It doesn't matter if you have never done yoga before or if you do it every day, whether you are as bendy as a pretzel or can't touch your toes.  The beauty of yoga is that everyone can do something and that first step to something could be the start or a journey you wished you had embarked on earlier.  So if you want to move better, breathe better and be better you are in the right place and I can help you.


In case you hadn't guessed already, I'm TracyB and I have a love for Yoga, a zest for life, the outdoors is where I am happiest and I love to play and explore.


Your yoga practice should work best with your unique body so, when I teach I try and focus on what is right for the people I am working with and always give options for you to feel it for yourself.  We are all different shapes and sizes, have unique physiology, and probably wear different size clothes, so why should we all try and squeeze ourselves into identical yoga shapes or styles? Sometimes your physical anatomy just won't allow you to do it, sometimes it could be flexibility, which can be worked on, and sometimes it is your mind just not letting go because handstands are scary!  Right?


If you would like to explore yoga practice in a playful way then my classes could be for you.  

What feels good for the body you are living in?  Do you give yourself time, to have the space to explore your strength and flexibility, whilst also improving balance and quality of breath?


Personally, I found yoga whilst working in the hospitality industry and it was the only tool I have ever found that really helped me to manage the pressures of corporate life whilst also feeling good in my body.  Compensating for all those hours spent at a desk and traveling!


Is it time to focus on your wellbeing?  Or are you recovering from an injury? Then start your discovery of how yoga can help you.

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