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Hi People!  In case you hadn't guessed already, I'm Tracy B and I have a love for Yoga, a zest for life, the outdoors is where I am happiest and I love to play and explore.


When I teach I focus on what is right for the people I am working with and always give options.  I believe your yoga practice should work best with your unique body.  We all wear different size clothes, so why should we all try and squeeze ourselves into identical yoga shapes or styles? Sometimes your physical anatomy just won't allow you to do it, sometimes it could be flexibility, which can be worked on and sometimes it is your mind just not letting go because handstands are scary!  Right?


Well, my classes are all about exploration and being playful.  

What feels good for the body you are living in?


It doesn't matter if you have never done yoga before or if you do it every day, whether you are as bendy as a pretzel or can't touch your toes.  The beauty of yoga is that everyone can do something and that first step to something could be the start or a journey you wished you had embarked on earlier.


My classes give space to explore your strength and flexibility, whilst also improving balance and quality of breath.

Time to focus on your wellbeing.  



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Yoga Play
@ Downview Hall
@ Downview Hall

Every Tuesday 



Downview Hall, East Wittering

All abilities welcome 


Free onsite parking


Bring some water

and a yoga mat 


£6.00 per person



Yoga Play classes are flow-based and have a different focus each week to ensure we provide the body with variety so it can thrive.  


Suitable for all abilities a consistent practice, will improve your strength and agility, focus your mind, strengthen the mind-body connection, build awareness of the power of our breath and generally make you feel better and move better.

Contact me to book


Build confidence to join a group class, aid recovery from injury, space to focus on a particular area


Whatever your reason this class is designed specifically for you


Prices from £40 dependant on length and location


A private class can focus on anything you want it to, from building meditation into your practice, improving the quality of your breath, mastering a specific pose, yoga to improve sleep, to relieve stress and anxiety, to recovery from injury, improve mobility, balance.  


The list is endless, let me know what you want to work on, as all my private classes are written specifically to achieve your goal.

Every Thursday 

7:30-8: 15 am and 


Downview Hall, East Wittering

Basic level of fitness required


Free onsite parking 


Bring some water

and a yoga mat


£5.00 per person


Scientifically proven to get results fast High-intensity interval training (HIIT) can continue to burn calories up to 24 hours after you've finished the class!  These classes are 45 minutes and consist of a 15-minute warm-up, 20 minutes of Yoga HIIT and 10 minutes warm down.  They will push you and you will feel results in your body. 


All exercises are yoga-based and we move in a mindful way to promote healthy movement in the body.



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