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Details of our forthcoming workshops can be found further down this page and when it comes to running workshops, we believe 2 is better than one. The biggest benefit is that it means we can give more time to each yogi, particularly important when we include massage in a workshop. We also have more collective experience to share, more time to work on quality content, can share the social media posts and responses to questions, and get to share the experience with our networks of amazing yogis.  Essentially it is all about you, we want you to have the best experience possible and get the most out of your time.


Historically we have worked in very different industries, Kerry with a nursing career in the NHS and me in Hotel Sales & Marketing.  However, having both always had connections to sport, wellbeing, nutrition and a constant quest for learning there are a lot of similarities too.  We are both qualified massage therapists, have a natural inquisitiveness in the extraordinary bodies we live in, their ability to heal themselves, and how they can change, strengthen and open with a regular yoga practice.  We believe in the power of a strong mind and body connection to stay grounded and keep it real.   


So there is a lot of synergy between us and the way we work.  Best of all though, is that we challenge each other to do more and step outside of our own comfort zones and think this is reflected in the way we deliver our workshops.  We have both supported each other in our journey as yoga teachers, have shared our experiences and our life skills.  


To book any workshop, please either contact us directly or confirm your attendance via the Facebook event.


If you would like a workshop for your workplace, please contact us to discuss your requirements.  Each corporate workshop we deliver is designed to accomplish your specific requirements and intended outcomes.

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To Yoga Play and Explore

Suppleness and Elasticity
Online Workshop
Saturday 18th July - 10 am-12 noon

Why suppleness and elasticity are way more important than being flexible. Whether you are as stiff as a board or can fold yourself in two, this workshop is all about how we can cultivate suppleness and elasticity in the body to help keep us free from injury, whilst understanding what stops us. It is just as important to encourage suppleness in someone who is stiff as it is to bring strength to the movements of someone super flexible. As always there will be something for everyone!  And of course, it is time to catch up with the rest of the Yoga Play & Explore community.



£10.00 per person - Message me directly to book or sign up at:

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Summer of Self Love
Saturday 1st August 2020 

North Mundham Village Hall

PO20 1LA Chichester, West Sussex


Our Summer of self-love workshop will start with an aromatherapy session where you can create your own blend for use in the following practice and then take away with you. The following practice will be all about what serves your unique body and what does it need for self-love?

Then, once you are feeling utterly amazing, we end the workshop with a cup of tea and a vegan treat.


£35.00 per person

Relax and Restore
Saturday 7th November 2020 

Church of St. Peter & St. Mary, Fishbourne

Fishbourne Rd West, PO19 3XT Chichester, West Sussex


Our relax and restore Winter workshop, is a morning of restorative yoga, with time to explore the poses in more detail. How you can adjust the pose for maximum benefit, for the body you live in. This is a very slow practice, that gives you time to listen in to your body. Learn to relax into a pose, working with the breath and mind-body connection. Understand what makes your body unique and what stops you from moving deeper into a pose. Mixed in with some massage, meditation, and breathwork, whilst enjoying the aromas of our chosen essential oil blends.


£35.00 per person

"Oh my, that was AWESOME! ðŸ™ðŸ»  I became very emotional during the first pose I couldn’t get comfortable in either the child or forward fold pose and ended up moving off-camera as I was crying at how much it hurt and felt so sad that I’d let my body get to this point ðŸ˜¢ I pressed on and very much enjoyed the rest of the session. At the beginning of the Nidra, the dogs barked, a gas engineer turned up and started drilling into our walls... I remained peaceful and relaxed, managed to keep the alternate nostril breathing count going and my body was totally and I mean totally heavy and relaxed! Thank you from my heart to both of yours. What a wonderful and enlightening couple of hours." Belinda

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